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Call of Duty Warzone Season 4: New update brings much-needed change to Gulag

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The Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 update brought much-needed changes to the game.The Season 4 'Mercenaries of Fortune' update on Call of Duty Warzone was released on June 22 and has added plenty of content for the playerbase to enjoy.

The favorite amongst them might be the new Fortune's Keep Resurgence map, but the devs have added new game modes, weapons, and operators for the players to experience.But one thing that hasn't changed with the new update is the Gulag known as Hold on the map of Caldera.

The map may have seen a lot of visual changes with the advent of the new update, but the hated Gulag of Caldera remains the same.

But let's not say that the devs haven't improved on it. The footsteps of the spectators have been muted for the players facing off in the Hold.Gulag is an event that a player has to face when they are killed on the map.

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