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The best build for the Auto Axe in Fallout 76

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There is no denying that the Auto Axe is one of the most worthwhile weapons that you can get your hands on in Fallout 76. This deadly industrial tool came into the game with The Pitt update and has since had people obsessing over its power.

Of course, this power only comes when you get the right build for it, and after scouring the game, we can confidently say we have a build that will blow your socks off.

Here is the best build for the Auto Axe in Fallout 76. How to make a build for the Auto Axe in Fallout 76 Making a build in Fallout 76 isn’t as simple as finding a weapon and throwing some stuff together to make it work.

A lot of planning goes into the creation of these builds to truly maximize the damage potential of them. The following build for the Auto Axe does require you to have access to the legendary perks in the game but the build can also be good without them by sacrificing some damage.

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