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That Old Wallpaper Review

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We review That Old Wallpaper, a pattern-matching card game published by AEG. In That Old Wallpaper has players auction for cards in the hopes of claiming cards to create patterns.

Arlo Guthrie’s “The City of New Orleans,” relates the travels of the eponymous train as it heads south down the Mississippi from Illinois to Louisiana.

For me, one specific couplet has always captured the romance of playing card games on a long train trip: Dealin’ card games with the old men in the club carPenny a point, ain’t no one keepin’ score When you travel, you’re playing cards to pass the time, and it’s fun… enough, but who wins and who loses isn’t really the point of the exercise.

It’s just an excuse to hang out without having to have the conversation carry itself as the miles drift by. This is how I feel about That Old Wallpaper, a new card game from AEG, designed by Danielle Deley and Nathan Thornton.

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