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Stray 2 Should Be Set in The Outside World

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Stray has been one of the most refreshing and enjoyable games of the year, giving fans a unique experience and loads of adorable cat moments.

Set in a cyberpunk city, and tackling puzzles, platforming challenges, and chases, fans were able to not only learn more about the various characters in the game, but also about the world as a whole with various hints and clues being revealed in the form of murals, pictures, and conversations.

However, with the way the game ended, there is a possibility that Stray 2 could pick up right where the first game left off.At the end of Stray, the cat finally finds himself outside the walled city and back in the open wilderness of the world without humans.

While many could see this as the end, it is clear that the cat still has a lot more to do since now his journey will be about exploring the world until he can find his lost family.

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