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Starfield's Delay Proves Modern Game Development Is Unsustainable

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To the surprise of nobody, Starfield recently got delayed, along with Redfall. I'm not entirely sure of my maths, but I think that makes for the 7,391st game delay of this year.

The way we make games is currently unsustainable, and yet we go on trying to sustain it. Elden Ring has been christened as the greatest game of all time, here to change the face of gaming forever, but maybe it should instead be a turning point.

It took nearly five years to make Elden Ring, and most other major games have similar timeframes. We have to reach a point soon where we realise it just isn't worth it.

The Last of Us Part 2 was met with critical acclaim when it came out, but little of the fervour was dedicated to the smooth t-shirt physics as Ellie dresses her wound, or the realistic flow of the rope in her hands.

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