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Splatoon 3: What the Alterna Logs Reveal About the Fall of Humanity

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Splatoon 3's new story mode has cast light on some of fans' most burning questions, including humanity's fate.

The series' core focus has been on multiplayer battles and Turf Wars, while its ink stylization and marine themes were just typical Nintendo family-friendly dressing.

But when the series' third gamewas revealed with trailers depicting a ravaged wasteland and an upside-down Eiffel Tower in early Splatoon 3 images, it immediately got fans speculating.Questions have long concerned happened to humans and how the planet ended up the way it is now.

Thanks to Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians, some of these questions have been answered. The Alterna Logs, a series of in-game archive entries, explains what happened to humans, how Inkling and Octoling life formed, and the origin story behind one of Splatoon'smain antagonists. Spoilers for Splatoon 3 ahead.Splatoon 3: What Is The SplatNet?The first log details an extinction-level scenario that nearly wiped out all of humanity due to overuse of the planet's resources, accelerated growth, and inaction about climate change.

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