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Splatoon 3’s Locker Room Should Just Be The Beginning for Social Features

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Many players have been enjoying Splatoon 3, participating in ranked Anarchy series’ and confronting Salmon Run’s Cohozuna.

With myriad game modes to engage in, Splatoon 3 has an incredible amount of gameplay diversity. Progression in Splatoon 3 is determined solely on what players wish to accomplish or retrieve, but a huge part of leveling up is represented in the player’s customization options.

However, Splatoon 3 introduces a social feature with customizable lockers that players have since enjoyed stuffing with hysterical and creative ornamentation.Unfortunately, Splatoon is new to having such a substantial social feature.

Like previous Splatoon titles, players purchase and upgrade gear that other players can view and order in Splatsville, but lockers in Splatoon 3 allow for much more personalization.

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