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Skyrim Player Accidentally Traps Follower While Trying to Do Dawnbreaker Quest

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A Skyrim player accidentally managed to get their follower trapped inside a room while trying to complete the Dawnbreaker quest.

Skyrim features a follower system where various NPCs can follow the player and function as allies. These followers can fight and carry equipment, so they are incredibly useful when exploring dungeons or going on quests.Dawnbreaker is a Daedric artifact Skyrim players can obtain after completing a quest called The Break of Dawn.

It deals fire damage on every hit, and it has a chance of creating an explosion after defeating an undead creature. Dawnbreaker is a powerful weapon, but one fan managed to run into a problem while completing this quest.Skyrim Glitch Shows Revered Dragon Head Sticking Out of the GroundIn a post on Reddit, a player named MasterNado uploaded an image from their playthrough of Skyrim and described the situation in the title.

MasterNado explained that they left their follower waiting in the final room and decided to go back to get them upon realizing their mistake.

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