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Sekiro-esque action RPG No Place for Bravery is out today

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Brazilian developer Glitch Factory’s debut game No Place for Bravery specifically takes inspiration from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice with its demanding, defensive combat design.

But it seeks to distinguish itself from Sekiro not only through its pixel art aesthetic and top-down view, but also through its heavier emphasis on story.

Matheus Queiroz, one of the developers at Glitch Factory, expressed excitement over the game’s fusion of “the simple-yet-deep Soulslike genre, famous for testing your mettle and reflexes, with an equally challenging narrative straight from our hearts.” If this combination sounds like it could work for you, then you can check out No Place for Bravery on Steam today.

The story of this gory action RPG takes place in Dewr, a world ravaged by an ancient conflict between dragons and giants as well as by the warring factions that reside there now.

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