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See 5 "naked-eye" planets in the sky soon- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

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Don't miss to look up this tomorrow as a rare event of five-planet alignment will grace the night sky. Stargazers can witness the conjunction of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn on June 24.

The event will be visible from the earth’s eastern horizon just before the sun rises. While it is usual to see an alignment of three planets, conjunction of five is rare, reported Sky & Telescope.

The most remarkable thing about this alignment is all the planets will be arranged in their natural order from the Sun.The five so-called "naked-eye" planets will be visible on June 24 for about an hour, and the early risers can see the event with binoculars.

As shared by Sky & Telescope magazine, the planetary lineup will be more compelling as Mercury will be much easier to snag, making the five-planet parade accessible.

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