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Saints Row Should Bring Back Some of Its Zaniest Weapons

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Though the Saints Row franchise started life as a non-linear approach to Grand Theft Auto, borrowing much of the same general design principles and tone but switching up some mechanics and story beats, the series quickly developed its own identity.

While Saints Row 2 maintained a grounded tone, some more unique elements started to creep their way in, including more comedy-focused dialogue and mini-games.

By the time the Saints Row franchise reached its third and fourth installments, the tone had shifted completely, honing in on the more zany and bizarre elements that kept it distinct from the GTA series.Along with the dialogue, characters, and mini-games, Saints Row's weapons also got a lot wackier.

Guns that shot out Dubstep rays, RPGs that launched out mind-controlling octopi, and giant oversized hands capable of pulverizing enemies in just one hit were all just a few of Saints Row's wildest weapons.

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