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Roblox Apeirophobia codes (August 2022)

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The rising casual-horror Roblox experience Apeirophobia has players facing the fear of infinity. Inspired by both the Backrooms and various SCP entities, this Roblox experience has players attempting to escape from seemingly-infinite levels while bizarre creatures trying to kill them.

If it sounds frightening, that’s because it very much is — not everything in Roblox is created with the intent of being a child-friendly experience.

Using codes for Apeirophobia won’t necessarily guarantee your survival as you run from monsters for all eternity, but they can guarantee you look flashy doing it.

Active Apeirophobia codes 100kfavorites – Redeem for the ‘Cheerful’ title in-gameExpired Apeirophobia codes There are currently no expired codes for this Roblox experience.

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