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Review: Cult Of The Lamb

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Not many games exist where you can play as a cult leader, but Cult Of The Lamb, the new rogue-lite city-builder from Massive Monster, seeks to sacrifice all gaming conventions to the god of fun.Since we first saw the cute style with bad-ass combat combined with resource management and city-building, we have been excited to see what Cult Of The Lamb had to offer in its final form.This fierce lamb has created quite a stir in the gaming world since its release on August 11th.

But is it for all the right reasons?The story of Cult Of The Lamb is that you are a lamb about to be sacrificed in the name of four gods.

But when you die, you are brought back to life but a mysterious figure who isn’t mates with the other four gods. This figure imbues you with demi-godly powers, which it wants you to use to help it rise to power.It’s a basic but functional story that won’t win any video-game Baftas but gives a clear incentive for the player to progress.There are also lots of surprises contained within mini-narratives such as a potential follower who I found in the first combat area, Darkwoods, who was the last surviving member of a besieged town.

Or the lovesick psychopath trying to find his former lover’s still beating heart.The world-building in ‘Cult’ is magnificent.

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