Simulation UPS Extreme DNA

Repair your escape pod or die trying in this tense space survival sim

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In space, no one can hear you flip through a 35-page technical manual looking for an error code before you asphyxiate to death.

But that's what you'll have to do to survive Tin Can: It's a first-person survival simulation game where you, a space janitor, have to bail out of an exploding space station in an escape pod, and then somehow keep yourself alive in the extreme hazards of outer space.

A lot can go wrong as you drift through the void in a vulnerable, aging space capsule. The heat from passing a star will quickly bake you.

Radiation from a nearby nebula will fry your DNA. Oxygen generator malfunctions, hull leaks, plunging temperatures, and hell, even the lights going out will put your life in jeopardy.

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