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Realme Pad Mini Review: Surprisingly good for its price

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Binge-watching or reading while traveling is something that sounds a bit difficult, especially when you like doing them on a big screen.

Your mobile phone's screen is not that large while tablets with a big screen are not that easy to use in public places. A compact, portable tablet can be a perfect fit for the same.

And the recently launched Realme Pad Mini can attract your attention in this regard. The Realme Pad Mini promises to offer powerful performance, long battery life, and much more -- all of it at a price that's much lesser than the smartphone you are using.

After spending more than 2 weeks with the Pad Mini, here is what I have to say. Read the full review to know if it is worth investing.The Realme Pad Mini gets an aluminum alloy body design and it looks premium and impressive, especially when compared to the other tablets in the affordable segment.

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