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PUBG Mobile Regional Clash (PMRC) China vs. SEA Day 2: Overall standings, highlights, Day 3 schedule, and more

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September 23 saw some magnificent gameplay from world champion Nova Esports who made a strong comeback, moving up seven spots to second place in PMRC China vs.

SEA. The team now has a total of 99 points in 10 matches. However, they are still 33 points behind the top-ranked squad, Infinity.The team got off to a superb start on Day 2, collecting 41 points in the first two matches that propelled them directly to second place in the overall standings.

They had only 23 points in their first five matches. However, the squad eventually displayed some solid performances when things mattered most.Infinity remained in first place with 132 points, with two chicken dinners and 91 eliminations.

The side has more kills than the total points of the third-placed team, FaZe. This shows how aggressive they have been over the past two days.FaZe Clan and Bacon Time dropped one place each and are currently in third and fourth places with 79 and 73 points, respectively.Vietnamese side Eagle Esports did a fabulous job on Day 2, jumping from 13th place to fifth with 69 points.

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