Other Games Can Learn From How EA Has Promoted Dead Space

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After a brutal week of what seemed like delay after delay and crushed dream after crushed dream, a small green light shone at the end of the dock- the Dead Space remake got a release date of January 27, meaning that it’s only half a year until we’re all screaming in space again.

Not that anyone will hear us. This is exciting for a number of reasons. First and foremost, seeing Dead Space return after so long is a cause for celebration, even if the original team behind it is sadly not at the helm.

Secondly, it looks fantastic and is already capturing the spirit of the original while evolving the formula in clever ways, such as changing how Isaac’s infamously loud breathing works and letting it affect which dialogue plays in certain scenes.

Related: FIFA, Please Make Your Disaster Of A Video Game The most exciting thing, though, is how upfront, honest, and open EA Motive has been about every facet of Dead Space’s existence.

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