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Original Bayonetta Getting Physical Switch Release Soon

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PlatinumGames will be releasing a physical version of the first Bayonetta game on the Nintendo Switch, and fans won't be waiting long in order to get it.

This first game was originally re-released on the Wii U in 2014, alongside its sequel Bayonetta 2. These games saw ports on the Switch console a few years later, although Bayonetta 2 was the only game that got a Switch cartridge release.

The first game has only been available by Digital Download either through the Nintendo eShop or via a free code that came with new physical copies of Bayonetta 2.

With Bayonetta 3's release this Fall being closer than ever, gamers can get their hands on the adventure where it all began with a snazzy new physical release.With Bayonetta 3's story having connections to its past entries, involving multiple timelines, this physical re-release is a good way for some fans to revisit the older game.

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