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Nvidia's building an AI mod tool that can automatically remaster classic games

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This week, Nvidia revealed RTX Remix, a mod tool that can nearly automate the process of creating HD remasters for classic PC games, adding ray tracing and other modern graphical techniques with the touch of a button.

For now, Nvidia's showing it off with The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. A demonstration video shows you can hit a button to capture any scene in the game.

Then, the RTX Remix tool can import that captured scene, adding ray-traced lighting to the game's original light sources, automatically upscaling the game's textures to AI-enhanced versions, and turning those textures into modern, realistic materials that can naturally interact with light and show.

Again, that step of the process all happens automatically, according to Nvidia. Pure AI upscales are never perfect, of course, but the tool then allows modders to easily tweak lighting and materials from directly within the scene.

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