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New DLC and Update for Horror Game Chernobylite Goes Live

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Those who are into the indie horror scene will already be familiar with The Farm 51's post-apocalyptic release Chernobylite.

With its mixed bag gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals, along with that much-needed scare factor, it was for many people one of the best horror games of 2021, up there with the likes of Resident Evil Village and Little Nightmares 2.

As a result, the developer has been keeping the updates and improvements coming out, and now the latest paid DLC has just been released.An accompanying trailer for the new content on the game's Steam page shows what's featured in the DLC, which is called «Season 2: Red Trees.» This pack adds some new skins to the game, which brings the «menacing Red Forest» into the player's base of operations.

On top of that, there's also a free update that comes with a new story mission called «Ghost of the Past.» The trailer states that the new DLC will feature the recently implemented next gen visual upgrade for Chernobylite, an enhancement that went live a couple of months ago and, as is suggested, improves the already pretty stellar graphics of the game.Chernobylite Gets Extra Side Quest and New Monsters in Latest UpdateWhile working to add new ideas to its horror IP, The Farm 51 has also seen opportunities to do some good in the world.

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