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New Dead Cells update Breaking Barriers is living up to its name

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The latest Dead Cells update does things a bit differently and makes the game accessible to a much broader audience. The update, called Breaking Barriers, is Dead Cells’ first accessibility update, which Motion Twin and Evil Empire first started testing in January 2022.

The developers worked closely with charity AbleGamers to make it possible for those who previously couldn’t play the roguelike to enjoy it. “We had feedback during beta testing that some people who don’t ‘need’ Assist Mode will use it regardless and the result is that they won’t play Dead Cells as a challenging roguelike,” An Evil Empire spokesperson said. “We’ve put multiple messages regarding this in-game, but in the end it’s up to the player how they want to enjoy the game.

However, we will not disable achievements for players who use these options. We are not going to make it possible for people to play the game and then take achievements away from them.” The Breaking Barriers update comes in two parts.

One is a set of changes to various parts of Dead Cells, including alterations to the UI size and font size, customizable controls, and background color filters.

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