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NASA wants you to help spot clouds on Mars because it can reveal THIS big secret

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NASA is counting clouds on Mars and wants you to join them. Yes, the American space agency has undertaken a seemingly silly but extremely important project where it will be analysing the data collected by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).

A significant amount of the data collected over a period of 16 years revolves around the red planet’s atmosphere. NASA is trying to find out the reason behind the low density of Martian atmosphere and the key to it is cloudspotting.

But here is the challenge: The data cannot be analysed through software and has to be sorted manually. So, if you want to help NASA in developing a better understanding of Mars, you can participate in this project and help out as well.

Read on to know more about it.Explaining the venture in a post, NASA stated that it is inviting people to join its ‘Cloudspotting on Mars’ project where they can help identify the clouds on Mars using a citizen science platform called Zooniverse.

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