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NASA: Don’t miss the last Supermoon of 2022! Check when and where to watch

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Super Moon, 2022: After multiple Lunar Eclipses this year, the world is all set to witness this month's first full moon on August 12.

The full moon will be a “Super Moon”. According to, the moon will be at the closest point to Earth, commonly known as Perigee.Today, the moon will appear as a “Supermoon”.

This is a phenomenon where the moon appears bigger and brighter than usual. The full moon of August is also known as the Sturgeon MoonFounder of the Virtual Telescope Project which will broadcast the Supermoon livestream wrote in a statement, "Seeing the full moon, especially when 'super,' rising/setting above Rome is a unique emotion.”“Our satellite hangs above the legendary skyline of the Eternal City, with its glorious monuments, adding their magic to the experience."Although the Supermoon will rise on August 11, it will be visible during the early hours of August 12 around 01:30 a.m.

EDT.NASA has also released a guide for the people to watch the Supermoon. According to it, "On the summer solstice, the Sun appears highest in the sky for the year.

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