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My Dress-Up Darling! Second Season Announced

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Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru, better known as My Dress-Up Darling! made a teaser announcing the second season of the romantic comedy.

The series' official website made the announcement on Saturday, with a teaser featuring clips from the first season of the anime and a new visual from the series author Shinichi Fukuda.The first season of My Dress-Up Darling!

was very well received, and news of a second season will come highly welcomed as the return of one of the most notable manic-pixie dream girls of 2022, Marin Kitagawa, is now on the cards.

The announcement teaser can be seen below.The Problem With Ganguro in My Dress-Up Darling The first season of the romantic comedy My Dress-Up Darling!

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