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MultiVersus Fan Creates Move Set for Hypothetical Harry Potter Character

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A MultiVersus fan has created a move set for a hypothetical Harry Potter character that takes full advantage of Harry's wizarding abilities.

The MultiVersus fan community has already come up with some pretty creative additions to the fighting game’s roster, including an appropriately villainous move set for Powerpuff Girls villain Mojo Jojo, and this move set for The Boy Who Lived is one of the best yet.Ever since MultiVersus was released, with its eclectic cast of playable characters spanning a variety of properties from the Warner Bros.

Discovery catalog, players have been petitioning developer Player First Games to add more characters to the game. Some eager fans have also gone as far as to come up with move sets for their own dream characters.

MultiVersus has already added new characters to the roster post-release, including the recent addition of Rick and Morty’s Rick Sanchez, and has plans to continue adding more characters on a regular basis.Fan Requests Convince MultiVersus Team to Focus Resources on New CharacterRedditor Midi_to_Minuit has created a move set for his hypothetical Harry Potter character, meant to be either a Mage or Support class, that features a good mix of offensive and defensive abilities and makes use of several of the most iconic spells and characters from the classic franchise.

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