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MultiVersus’ new update makes it twice as long to level up fighters

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The latest update for MultiVersus goes live today, including a major change to the rate at which characters level up.According to the game’s patch notces (which can be found in full below), the version 1.03 patch will make it twice as long to level up a character betwen level 3 and 15.Although characters can be levelled up beyond level 15, this is the stage at which the game’s stat tracker considers a character to be ‘mastered’, with all their perks and profile icons fully unlocked.As such, some players set themselves a task of reaching level 15 with every character so they can say they’ve mastered them all according to the game’s definition.Now, however, the amount of XP required to level up from level 3 to level 15 has been doubled, meaning it will take twice as long to progress through this stage.“We were finding that players could get to level 15 of the mastery track too quickly,” the patch notes read. “This is to help us make it a bit more of a journey.”The other major addition in version 1.03 is the inclusion of Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty as the game’s 20th playable character.Rick is a mage character and joins his nephew Morty who was added to the game last month.The full patch notes for version 1.03 can be found below:Anti-Infinite Combo SystemProjectile SystemsLegend:+ Buff – Nerf ~ ChangeAryaBugs BunnyFinnGarnetGizmoHarleyIron GiantJakeLeBronMortyShaggySteven UniverseSupermanTom And JerryVelma

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