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Motorola's Latest Edge Cuts the 5G Tax

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Motorola today announced its most recent Edge phone, a $499.99 midranger with an ultra-light body that hides two major advances in 5G.

The first is for T-Mobile: The Motorola Edge 2022 is the first phone that can use "power class 1.5" for midband 5G, essentially turning up the radio in the phone so it can reach midband towers up to twice as far away as other devices do.

The second is a big deal for Verizon. The Edge is the first US phone with MediaTek's Dimensity 1050 chipset, the first MediaTek chipset with millimeter-wave 5G.

Verizon tends to want mmWave in its 5G phones, and until now, Qualcomm has had a hugely dominant position in mmWave chipsets.

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