Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - How To Get Crushing Fang

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Despite its extensive crafting systems often requiring Monster Hunter: Rise players to face off against the biggest and toughest Wyverns that the game has to offer, it's sometimes content to let players battle smaller creatures that die in one hit or scavenge for items in random piles of bones to find upgrade materials.One of these fairly easy-to-obtain items is the Crushing Fang present in many upgrade trees — this guide will reveal the various ways players can find them and show what they're used for.Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert Will Feature Sunbreak SoundtracksUnlike some other crafting materials in Monster Hunter: Rise, Crushing Fang are almost exclusively earned by killing the game's smaller creatures.

Some are easier to kill than others, and some have a much higher chance of yielding Crushing Fangs when carved than others. The list below lists the best ways to find them, but it should be noted that all mentions of killing and carving must be done in master rank versions of a given area.Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is now available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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