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Modern Warfare 2 beta “crashing on PC 0x00001338 error”: What causes it and how to possibly fix it

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While the release of the Modern Warfare 2 beta has been an exciting time for both new and returning Call of Duty fans, the experience for many, however, is being marred by a plethora of bugs and error codes.Players are facing a great deal of performance issues with the highly anticipated title right now, mainly involving the game crashing often.One of the most notorious crash errors that the community has been facing in the beta for quite some time now is the 0x00001338 error code.Players on both Steam as well as have been facing this problem, and it seems to be crashing the Modern Warfare 2 launcher even before they are able to access the in-game lobby.This problem is occurring for both Nvidia and AMD users, and unfortunately, as Modern Warfare 2 is still in its beta phase, there is really no permanent solution to the PC crash error.Today’s guide will provide some measures that players can take to solve the error temporarily, and enjoy the game for as long as the beta period lasts.As mentioned before, there is no permanent solution to the “crashing on PC 0x00001338 error” in Modern Warfare 2 beta, but there are some effective options that players can try out to make the game run temporarily on their systems.Some Call of Duty community members have reported that updating their system’s graphics drivers seems to have resolved this issue temporarily.

Since the error was occurring for both AMD and Nvidia cards, players with either of these brands should look for the latest GPU updates, and download and install their latest drivers.Users will be able to check for the latest drivers of their cards from the following links:If the game is still crashing after the driver update, players are now required to scan the

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