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Modern Warfare 2 beta “crashing in PS4/PS5 CE-108255-1 error”: What is it and how to possibly fix it

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The Modern Warfare 2 beta seems to be riddled with various performance issues across its multiple platforms of PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Players have been reporting a significant number of bugs and error codes that lead to the game crashing on their systems, which does not allow them to enjoy the beta phase of the highly anticipated latest Call of Duty title.Although every platform seems to be facing issues, many PS4 and PS5 users, in particular, are receiving the "CE-108255-1" error message every time the beta crashes on their consoles.A large number of console owners have reported this error, and unfortunately, since Modern Warfare 2 is still in its beta stage, there is no permanent solution to this issue yet.Fortunately, there are a few temporary fixes that PlayStation users will be able to try out, and today’s guide will detail those potential solutions for the CE-108255-1 error in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.Interestingly, the PS4 and PS5 consoles have separate temporary solutions to the “crashing in PS4/PS5 CE-108255-1 error” in Modern Warfare 2 beta.PlayStation 4 users should follow these steps to possibly fix this error in the game:Rebuilding the game's database has proven to be quite successful for PS4 owners, when it comes to fixing the “crashing in PS4/PS5 CE-108255-1 error” in Modern Warfare beta.For the PS5, however, the process is slightly different, and players will be required to follow certain steps to fix the CE-108255-1 error:If the above steps fail to fix the “crashing in PS4/PS5 CE-108255-1 error” in Modern Warfare 2 beta, players are then advised to reach out to PlayStation Support and file a complaint docket.Q.

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