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Marvel's New Avengers Transforms Heroes & Villains Like Never Before

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Warning! Spoilers for All-Out Avengers #1 by Marvel Comics In Marvel's new All-Out Avengers series, heroes and villains will be seen like never before, as a first look at the series features Doctor Doom wielding Mjolnir and Captain America's shield.

At the same time, Captain Marvel gets a villainous upgrade with her own claws. In a new preview of All-Out Avengers by Marvel Comics, the Avengers' latest mission will see the status quo being shaken as heroes get infected while Doctor Doom joins their ranks.

Derek Landy and Greg Land are teaming up for a brand new Marvel Comics series, All-Out Avengers, which will drop Earth's Mightiest Heroes into a non-stop action adventure that doesn't step on the brakes.

The new series will drop readers directly into the middle of an explosive story that won't allow readers to come up with air with numerous thrills, fights, and transformations along the way.

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