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Magic: The Gathering's The Filigree Sylex gives players a boardwipe and win condition in one artifact

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Magic: The Gathering’s next expansion, Phyrexia: All Will Be One, will give players an exciting assortment of new cards to play with.

Among these is the newly revealed The Filigree Sylex, which is no doubt going to see a significant amount of use once the expansion releases in February 2023.This low-cost, high-value legendary artifact will be a target as soon as it comes into play since not only can it clear the field of nonland permanents, but it can also be a potentially game-winning strike, depending on what you have available on the board.

But what exactly can this new artifact do for Magic: The Gathering players? Let's find out.This might be one of my favorite artifacts to be revealed in Phyrexia: All Will Be One.

Similar to Karn’s Sylex, it can clear the field of non-land permanents, but unlike Karn’s bowl, you don’t have to exile this Magic: The Gathering card from the game to get its best feature.Unlike the previous Sylex, this one doesn’t come into play tapped either, making it a significantly better offering in some ways.

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