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Magic: The Gathering's Ichormoon Gauntlet gives unprecedented power to Planeswalkers

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As Magic: The Gathering’s Phyrexia: All Will Be One spoiler continue, some incredible cards have been revealed. Few are more interesting than the Mono-Blue artifact called Ichormoon Gauntlet.

It sounds like a piece of equipment, but it’s anything but. This card will likely be used in any deck that needs counters, especially planeswalker decks.This could be the card planeswalker (superfriends) decks need to make them unstoppable.

Alongside Tekuthal Inquiry Dominus, it will be an exciting time for these planeswalker-heavy control decks in Magic: The Gathering.Ichormoon Gauntlet could be a must-use for various decks across Magic: The Gathering’s formats.

Even with artifact removal being available, this card will be an immediate threat. With a low mana value and incredibly high value for your decks, it can activate ultimate abilities easily or even constantly take extra turns for minimal effort.Besides giving all of your planeswalkers the ability to Proliferate, it has another, even better power.

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