Lost Ark: Tooki Corporation Island Guide

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The Tookis of Lost Ark have a bit of a behind-the-scenes role to play as treasure seekers and hoarders. They appear at seemingly random places across Arkesia, popping up in places from Rohendel (Breezesome Brae to be specific) to hidden rooms in Chaos Dungeons.

But surely these little suckers aren’t just arbitrary one-offs. RELATED: Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Tooki Corporation Tooki Corporation is an island in the game that has more than meets the eye, offering quite a bit of content by island standards.

It is the headquarters of the Tooki operation where Tookis (designated by numbers, not names) strive to become coveted single-digits, working hard to promote themselves.

And once you arrive there, you get thrown into the machine with them. You must become a Tooki in order to access the majority of Tooki Corporation.

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