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List of all playable characters in Zenless Zone Zero

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Many Zenless Zone Zero playable characters have been revealed in the closed beta test, recently. Gamers worldwide have been anticipating more news on this subject, and this article will focus solely on listing every playable character shown thus far.Here is the complete list in alphabetical order:More characters are expected to be added in the future, but that's the current list for Zenless Zone Zero as of August 6, 2022.Note: This list is based on the closed beta.Anby Demara is one of the main characters highlighted in Zenless Zone Zero.

She's part of the Gentle House faction alongside Nekomiya Mana, Nicole Demara, and Billy Kid. She is also the main character shown in Zenless Zone Zero's official social media profile pictures.She's mysterious yet calm, and players know that Anby came back to the Cunning Hares at Nicole's request.

Here is a gameplay video featuring her skillset.Anton does not appear on the official website in any capacity and has not been highlighted by the official Twitter account, either.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of gameplay videos featuring him, so the following video should help make up for the lack of easily accessible lore.For example, the video below reveals that he works for Belobog Industries and has an explosive stance tied to his general gameplay.Similarly, Aokaku has not been showcased on the official website or the Zenless Zone Zero's Twitter account, at least not at the time of writing.This blue oni is part of Hallow Special, and her general gameplay is much slower compared to the other characters shown thus far, especially when it comes to her swinging her weapon.Ben has a very unique design by HoYoverse standards, but he's unfortunately not featured under the official website's

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