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Laundry Horror Game Bloodwash Gets Console Release Date in Time for Halloween

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Bloodwash, a creepy «laundry» horror game that first released for PC last year, is finally making its way to consoles.

With Halloween right around the corner, holiday enthusiasts may be looking for a new horror game to play. There are plenty of solid horror games that have released this year already and more to look forward to between now and Halloween.Bloodwash may be a solid pick for those on Switch and Xbox that need a new horror game to play.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, Bloodwash is «giallo-inspired laundry horror game» about a pregnant college student named Sara who goes to a laundromat late at night.

A serial killer named The Womb Ripper, who specifically targets pregnant women, is active in Sara's city the night she visits the laundromat, and that provides the disturbing backdrop for the rest of the game.Murder House Dev Puppet Combo Teases New Survival Horror GameBloodwash is a genuinely scary game, and it should prove to be a solid pick for console gamers that need a new horror game to play this Halloween season.

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