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Is the GTA 6 Leak Gaming’s Biggest Theft Ever?

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This past weekend Rockstar was the victim of an unprecedented leak: 90 videos of in-development Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay were published online after a hacker “illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information from [Rockstar’s] systems,” according to the company.The leak already sits among the most consequential in gaming history for several reasons, chief among them the value of the targeted project: Grand Theft Auto 6 is the follow-up to the most profitable entertainment release of all time.

For many, the leak is a fun, unexpected peek at one of the most anticipated video games of all time. To Rockstar, Take-Two, and their investors, however, the hack and subsequent leak are unexpected, potentially expensive roadblocks that threaten the development plans for a product worth billions.The leak had immediate consequences for publisher Take-Two, whose stock dipped upwards of 6% following the leak, though the lasting effects won’t become clear for some time.

Rockstar says development will “continue as planned,” yet only time will tell how the impact on team morale and/or development practices will ultimately affect GTA 6.Following the Rockstar hack, we’ve assembled a list of five other big leaks that came as a result of a third-party intrusion (hack, theft, etc.).

Less nefarious leaks — such as Walmart Canada’s E3 2018 blowout or the GeoForce Now datamine — are not included. (You can find a list of such leaks compiled in our Most Infamous Leaks in Video Game History story.)In September 2003, Half-Life 2, then one of the most-anticipated upcoming games, had its source code stolen from Valve's internal network.

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