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Is Li’l Judd from Splatoon 3 evil? An investigation

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Splatoon 3 imagines an alternate world where ocean creatures, instead of mammals, took over the land. The game is set in a post-postapocalyptic world where humanity has been wiped out and sentient ocean life has taken its place.

The signature character of the series, an Inkling, can take on both the form of a kid and a squid. There are a few exceptions to the game’s theme, however, including Li’l Judd, a cat who helps referee your matches.

But now, a shadow of speculation has been cast on the adorable fuzzball due to new information revealed in Splatoon 3. Although the Splatoon series is primarily known for being a competitive online shooter, the developers manage to pack in extensive lore around the day-to-day competitions.

They do this by having a pretty robust single-player campaign with a story, and by giving players the chance to discover collectibles, like scrolls, that reveal more about the game’s world.

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