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Iron Man's Celestial judgment takes him back to his origin in AXE: Avengers #1 preview

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The stuff is hitting the fan in AXE: Judgment Day, including in September 21's AXE: Judgment Day #5 (opens in new tab) in which Captain America...

well, that would be spoiling. But the action spills over into a series of what Marvel calls three "essential/critical" one-shots over the next month including September 28's AXE: Avengers #1, by main series writer Kieron Gillen and artist Federico Vicentini (with covers by Nick Klein and Salvador Larroca).

The 40-page special seems to focus on Iron Man/Tony Stark, as he (according to Marvel) has to "enter a suit of armor that could kill us all." But before that, Iron Man has to deal with the new Celestial he helped create who is judging every sentient being on Earth, and apparently harshly as even the aforementioned Captain America - as pure a soul in the Marvel Universe there is - got the Celestial thumbs down. 'Judging' (sorry) by the following AXE: Avengers #1 preview pages, the Celestial shenanigans are making Iron Man go through some stuff, including some sort of roleplay scenario and/or hallucination going back to this origin and creation of the very first (Mach I) armor.

In the final page of the preview, Stark encounters the long-dead Ho Yinsen, who in every version of the Iron Man origin, which has been updated many times since 1963's original Tales of Suspense #39, is the scientist who helped Tony build the original armor that both saved his life at the time (when they were supposed to be building weapons for their captors) and helped him escape.

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