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Infinity Ward announces significant changes to Warzone 2 cash spawn and economy in Season 2

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Call of Duty Warzone 2 is set to receive major changes with the launch of Season 2, as Infinity Ward and Raven Software recently announced that the cash economy will be overhauled and will be made more widely available to increase the pace of the battle royale.Since the game's release, players have continuously complained that there is insufficient cash available for all squad members.

Subsequently, prices have also been hiked considerably compared to Warzone 1. Thus, the pace of the game has been slow, which will change when the second season launches on February 15.Currently, loadout markers cost up to $32,000 in the battle royale, which is quite pricey, along with other items.

It is also difficult to gather cash in Al Mazrah as there is not enough ground loot cash available, making it harder to purchase items from Buy Stations, ultimately slowing down the game's pace.The developers confirmed via a tweet that there would be "more lootable cash" in Al Mazrah, as prices are also "getting balanced," which means various items in the Buy Station will be made cheaper to give players more "bang for your buck" with the release of Season 2.Since it was announced that the release date of Season 2 had been delayed by two weeks from February 1, the developers have been updating players with all the changes they will be making to the game, catering to player feedback.

Notable changes to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 have been revealed, and an in-depth blog will be released at the end of the week to summarize the game's plans.Some changes include overhauling the looting system after eliminating an enemy, reintroducing 1v1 Gulags, a new Resurgence map, new weapons, and more.

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