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I Played Twitter’s Browser Game On Privacy So You Don’t Have To

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Twitter has made its first foray into the exciting world of games development with the launch of a cheery little game called Twitter Data Dash—a 2D platformer that seeks to explain the social media giant’s arcane privacy policy in a supposedly easy-to-digest manner.

I say ‘supposedly’ because the game itself can be immensely frustrating to experience. And contrary to its express purpose, it doesn’t really help you understand the platform’s privacy policies any better either.

But I would commend Twitter on one thing: attempting to make what used to be an impenetrable wall of text a little simpler for the layperson to comprehend.

As we all know, the privacy policy used to be a bunch of words for only the most hardened of privacy advocates to plough through; most of us just click ‘agree’ with our eyes glazed over, so we can move on to doing the fun stuff, which is tweeting about we have for lunch, pictures of our pets, and our collective scorn towards Elon Musk.

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