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"I'm the scapegoat": Dr Disrespect says Activision didn't invite him to World Series of Warzone due to frequent criticisms

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On September 22, YouTube Gaming streamer Guy "Dr Disrespect" stated that he wasn't invited to Call of Duty's World Series of Warzone tournament due to his criticisms of the game.The popular streamer opined that his recent gripes with the battle royale game have strained his relationship with Activision.

Furthermore, Doc claimed that the company told him he wouldn't be invited because he "talked too much s***" about Warzone."The two-time countered by stating that his criticisms come from his love for Call of Duty.

He also pointed out that multiple popular content creators have become disgruntled with the direction of the game, suggesting that he is being singled out by Activision.

He stated:During the stream, the two-time revealed why Activision didn't invite him to participate in the Call of Duty World Series of Warzone event that occurred last week.

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