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"I'm here to correct the record" - Twitch streamer Simply completes 10K run after fans disbelieve him

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Twitch streamer and speedrunning gamer Simply took to his channel to live broadcast himself attempting a 10K marathon, which is roughly six miles, in around an hour.The streamer took up the challenge after some of his viewers doubted him.

Speaking to his stream, he explained:(Timestamp: 00:03:35)Gaming speedrunner and Super Mario streamer Simply pulled off an impressive challenge, completing 10K in about an hour.

Before his attempt, the streamer said:The Twitch streamer further explained that his goal was to complete the challenge in or under an hour.

Failing to do so, he asserted that he would gift 20 subs for every extra minute. He explained:The streamer accomplished his goal after an hour and six seconds, after which he exclaimed:Despite not being in typical athletic shape, Simply proved his doubters wrong.

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