A PS Plus Classic game has had trophy support patched in, months after being added

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For the first time, a title in PlayStation Plus’s Classic Games catalogue has had Trophy support patched in, months after being added to the service.PSP game Super Stardust Portable was added to PlayStation Plus in June 2022 but, like many of the titles in the Classic Games catalogue, it didn’t have any Trophies.However, as noted byPSN Profiles user jefXfree, the game received a patch this week which added trophy support (among other bug fixes), including a Platinum Trophy.This marks the first time that trophies have been retrospectively added to a Classic Games title, proving that it’s possible for others to get Trophies in the future.Although most PS2 and streaming PS3 games in the Classic Games catalogue already have Trophies, many of the PS1 and PSP games that are available don’t.While there are exceptions – the likes of IQ Intelligent Qube, Hot Shots Golf and the Syphon Filter games already had Trophy support when they were added to the service – it isn’t the case across the board.Notable Classic Games catalogue titles that don’t yet have Trophy support include Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Tekken 2 and Mr Driller on PS1, and Ridge Racer 2 on PSP.The retrospective patching of trophies into Super Stardust Portable, then, will give players hope that they could get trophies in the future.The Classic Catalogue is available as part of PlayStation Plus Premium, the top tier of Sony‘s PlayStation Plus subscription service.The catalogue offers a selection of PS1, PS2 and PSP games to download, and PS3 games via cloud streaming.

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