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“I’m appalled by so many things": Pokimane gives her take on the recent Twitch drama, including Mizkif and CrazySlick

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Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane" recently took to her livestream to provide her take on all the current Twitch drama that has been making the rounds.

Among the primary figures making headlines for controversial reasons are Matthew "Mizkif" and CrazySlick. While CrazySlick has been accused of s*xual misconduct, the OTK co-owner has been vilified for his involvement in covering up the entire matter.At the same time, Twitch recently stated that they would be removing the 70/30 revenue split, which formerly favored the creators, inciting a lot of dissent among the top streamers.

Reacting to this sudden whirlwind of drama, Imane stated:From ItsSliker being exposed for swindling hundreds of thousands of dollars from fans and viewers for gambling to CrazySlick being accused of s*xual assault, the streaming community has been under heavy stress lately.Pokimane herself was in the thick of things as she played a major role in driving home the point of restricting gambling on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

She was supported by various other streamers such as Zack "Asmongold" and Hasan "HasanAbi".Their collective efforts turned out to be worthwhile as Twitch issued a public statement regarding the deplatforming of gambling sponsorships and categories.

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