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How To Turn Off App Notifications On Your Chromebook

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Chrome OS provides an option for users to turn off notifications on their Chromebooks so they can get work done or concentrate in class.

While notifications keep users in the loop about what's happening, they can be distracting. And with Chrome OS' support for Android apps, Chromebook owners that have their favorite Android apps installed on their device will also have to deal with the notifications from these apps.

A pretty neat feature of Chrome OS is Phone Hub which allows Chromebooks and Android phones to work together. In addition to using a connected phone to unlock the Chromebook, users can also view recent tabs from their phone from the Phone Hub menu in addition to details such as battery life and signal strength.

And to avoid distraction, users can even silence their phone right from the Phone Hub menu on their Chromebook. RELATED: How To Turn Off Notifications In Windows 11 There are multiple ways to turn off app notifications on Chromebooks.

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