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Riot Games will listen in on your voice chats. Here's why it doesn't matter

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Maybe they're already on their best behavior? Developer Riot Games will soon be listening in on the voice chats of Valorant players, the company announced recently — and most people are a-okay about that.

Starting July(opens in new tab)(opens in new tab)13(opens in new tab), Riot will launch a “voice evaluation system” and record in -game voice chats whenever a disruptive behavior report is submitted by players.

Riot says this will help to train its language model to identify disruptive behavior, and states the voice evaluation will not be used in the reports themselves.

They know that “false positives [and negatives]” can happen, Riot admits.Right now, the developer is focused on making its tech the best that it can be before it launches the official beta later this year.

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