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How to travel to different realms in ARK: Survival Evolved Fjordur

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When it comes to multiplayer survival games, ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the best games out there. What sets the game apart from others in the genre is a feature that allows players to tame their own dinosaurs.Just like the title suggests, the game constantly evolves with various updates that include both content additions and bug fixes.

Although the game just celebrated its 7th anniversary, the developers are still consistently creating new content for the game, and their latest addition to the experience is the newest DLC pack, Fjordur.While any downloadable content pack for such a popular game is sure to garner hype, what sets Fjordur apart is what it brings to ARK.

Rather than giving players a large island with set environments to find, which requires players to walk for long periods of time, Fjordur contains three different realms to explore.Players who want to access each of the three realms must first find the secret portal room that has the three portals.

This secret portal room is located at the coordinates of 40.1 latitude and 57.7 longitude. The room is located in a big cave that players will see once they get close to the coordinates.Once players reach this room, they will be greeted with a red, blue, and green portal, and each portal takes the player to one of the three realms.

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