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How to obtain the Unendurable Frenzy in Elden Ring: Incantation grants a violent burst of yellow flame

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Frenzied Flame Incantations in Elden Ring are incredibly potent when used correctly and can quickly work through some of the hardest encounters during PvP and PvE.These spells are viable and fit different situations, allowing the Tarnished, putting points into the Faith attribute, to have a much easier time exploring the Lands Between.One of the most powerful Frenzied Flame Incantations in the RPG is the Unendurable Frenzy, which causes the yellow flame of frenzy to violently burst from the caster’s eye.By holding onto the cast, players will be able to channel more flames and this Incantation can also be used while in motion.It requires 32 Faith to use, scales incredibly well with the attribute, and deals 21 (Normal) 28 (charged) damage per flame hit, allowing it to whittle down the largest bosses in the game in seconds.However, Elden Ring players have found it quite difficult to come across the Unendurable Frenzy in the game.

Hopefully, today’s guide will be able to help them out with obtaining it.The Elden Ring Tarnished will unfortunately not be able to get their hands on Unendurable Frenzy early on in the game’s narrative.

Frenzy spells are not something that players get access to right away as they drop in Limgrave and have to invest a considerable portion of their time before obtaining them.The Unendurable Frenzy is locked away in the later stages of the game, and players at least have to make their way to the Mountaintops of the Giants to acquire it.Hence, to obtain the Incantation, the Elden Ring Tarnished will be first required to:The Unendurable Frenzy works like the Flame of Frenzy Incantation in Elden RIng.

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