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How to get Bound Presence in Destiny 2? (2023)

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With over a month remaining for Destiny 2 Lightfall, players are trying to wrap up everything from The Witch Queen seasons. Season of the Haunted being one of them, introduced a lot of new currencies and activities for players to participate in.

One of these currencies is called Bound Presence, acquired via Nightmare Containment.However, some players are often confused regarding how the whole system works with Bound Presence and Vestiges of Dread.

The following article will help you understand the work of this particular currency from Season 17, how to acquire it from activities, and its usage in the game.Bound Presence can be found in binding Vestiges of Dread after completing the Nightmare Containment activity.

After completing all three tiers of the public event in Castellum, you will need to use a total of 500 Vestiges of Dread to get a Bound Presence.

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